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Specialist Tax Advice

Planning for prosperity

The tax affairs of both individuals and businesses are under scrutiny more than ever before – and not just by HMRC.

At Langtons, we do not peddle schemes or structure bogus arrangements but look to identify and implement legitimate tax-saving opportunities.

We believe that it is embodying the combination of the following three attributes which allows us to consistently deliver tax savings to our client base:

  • Technically excellent
  • Commercial
  • Proactive

We can look to reduce your tax bill through a number of ways, including (but not limited to):

Corporate tax planning

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for tax planning: each business will be unique and requires a bespoke response. In short, our services are designed to help you to avoid paying more tax than you need to on both your capital and revenue. They also help you to take full advantage of any tax opportunities and reliefs available to you (such as R&D tax credits, groups and losses) as well as considering the correct structure / vehicle for your enterprise.


Personal Tax Planning

Successful people often have complicated tax affairs, and in our experience there can be a direct correlation that the more successful you are, the more complicated your personal tax affairs can become!

Our personal tax planning services are designed to help you to take full advantage of any legitimate tax saving opportunities open to you and to ensure that you meet all the compliance requirements. Our services cover all areas of personal taxation including, income tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax, and trusts and estates (some of which are covered in more detail within the other web-pages in this Specialist Taxation section). We can also assist with non-domiciliary tax matters.

We have worked with many high net worth individuals, and we start by properly understanding their overall tax position so that we can ensure that our advice is provided in the context of all of the individual’s circumstances, and to ensure that we are identifying all of the potential areas where we could help you reduce your tax bill.

Transaction Tax Structuring

Planning for prosperity – structuring your transaction to maximise its value and minimise tax liabilities.

Tax considerations can have a major impact on the success of any transaction. Given this, decision-makers and advisers on a transaction need to know that the taxation advice they are receiving is compatible with the business and legal context of the transaction, is technically excellent, and is commercially focused.

Langtons Specialist Tax Advisers have been involved in many corporate finance transactions, both on an integrated basis with Langtons Corporate Finance and / or closely supporting external corporate finance advisers.

We understand the complex tax issues which can result from a corporate finance transaction, and we work to use our expertise to maximise the value of the transaction for our client by enhancing their tax position.

We will work with our clients and their corporate finance advisers from the start of a transaction to its successful closing, and will assist with any pre or post-transaction clearances required.


Share Incentive Schemes

Share incentive schemes have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their tax efficiency.

We can advise on developing and implementing share incentive schemes allowed under current tax laws. These include free share schemes, partnership share schemes, and matching share schemes.

We can also advise and help with Enterprise Management Incentives (EMI), Savings-Related Share Option Schemes (SAYE schemes or Sharesave), and Company Share Option Plans (CSOP).

R&D Tax Relief

The Treasury introduced Research and Development (R&D) tax relief to help UK companies get to the forefront of the global business community. However, the reliefs are being under utilised. We can help you realise the full tax benefit from your research and development expenditure.

Though the regulations are complex and subject to frequent revision, we can guide you through the process step-by-step and advice on the most tax efficient choices at each stage in order to reduce your tax liabilities, extinguish them altogether or, in some cases, receive a cash repayment from HMRC.


Capital Allowances

Capital allowances are extremely valuable reliefs (in short, they allow the cost of capital assets to be written off against taxable profits and replace a business’ depreciation charge) and cover such assets as cars, energy saving technology, and research and development. However, it is a complex area, where professional advice is essential. If you are not convinced you are receiving all the allowances to which you are entitled, call us to arrange a review.

Tax Compliance

The UK’s tax legislation is 17,000 pages in length and is the most complex in the world. At Langtons, our expertise reduces the risk that our clients fall foul of these rules.

We have years of experience in helping both businesses and individuals minimise their tax liability while complying with the regulations.

We know how the tax authorities think and act and our advice in this area can often save you both time and money, not to mention worry and uncertainty! It will also place you in a better position to respond, if you or your company ever suffer from a Tax Investigation.

Employment Tax Advice / IR35

Employers today are faced with extremely complex PAYE and NIC regimes, and complying with them consumes valuable time and resources.

Our payroll services team can advise on all aspects of employment tax and help to ensure that all of your procedures are in full compliance with PAYE and NIC requirements.

Our specialist tax team can also advise on bonus and incentive schemes, share options, company car issues, matters concerning travel and subsistence, and much more.

If you are a personal service company and are concerned about IR35, we can give professional advice to ensure that you are fully compliant with all regulations.

VAT Advice

Are you confident you are not overpaying or underpaying VAT? In our experience, many businesses are doing one or the other.

Our VAT team can guide you through the maze of VAT regulations and advise on a wide range of issues from VAT planning and administration to VAT control and reconciliation.

We can also help with completing VAT returns and represent you in any communication with HM Revenue & Customs.


Tax investigations

At any time you or your company could become subject to a detailed tax investigation by HMRC. Such investigations can be extremely time-consuming and stressful. Indeed, increasingly HMRC is attempting to maximise the tax it collects by opening aspect enquiries and compliance checks, rather than full enquiries. With greater powers than ever, HMRC can turn the spotlight on your tax affairs at any time.

In such an event, we can help you to prepare for the investigation and to represent you in any communications or negotiations with the tax authorities. Without such professional representation, you could easily end up paying more tax than necessary, and in such situations we work with our clients to achieve the most positive possible outcome.

Langtons has strong experience of successfully representing our clients in relation to numerous tax investigations.

If there is an investigation, it is vital in order to receive best advice that we are involved early in the process, so please Contact Us as soon as possible if you have been notified about a tax investigation.


PAYE Healthchecks

PAYE inspections are becoming more frequent, and clients are advised to ensure that all their PAYE and related matters are in order to avoid potential penalties.

Why not call and arrange for a PAYE health check? We can inspect your past records to make sure they are in compliance with regulations, and we can examine your current PAYE procedures and advise on how to bring them fully into line with the tax laws.

Stamp Duty

Stamp duty is the tax you pay when you buy property or shares. You pay ‘Stamp Duty Land Tax’ when you buy property and either ‘Stamp Duty’ or ‘Stamp Duty Reserve Tax’ when you buy shares.

We can advise you on the potential impact of stamp duty on any qualifying transaction, and help you to complete the necessary paperwork. We can also advise on structuring transactions to mitigate the impact of Stamp duty.

Trust Services

The services in this section are designed to help you manage your personal finances and to plan for the future well-being of yourself and your family.

Trust Planning

Trusts are extremely useful wealth management and tax planning tools. They enable you to give away assets while retaining a degree of control of them, and the different types of trust allow for a considerable degree of flexibility in your planning.

The legislation covering trusts is vast and complex, and professional advice is strongly recommended for anyone considering using trusts.

Our trust planning service guides you through the labyrinth and helps you decide which type of trust is best suited to your purposes. We can also help to set up and administer trusts and advise on and assist with all aspects of the tax treatment of trusts.

Our trust services encompass:

  • Discretionary Trusts
  • Interest In Possession Trusts
  • Bare Trusts
  • A & M Trusts
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