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Client: Crosshall Engineering

MBI / Acquisition & Disposal

Deal Background

Crosshall Engineering Limited (Crosshall) is an electro-mechanical engineering company specialising in the repair and refurbishment of electrical equipment.

In 2007 the business was acquired through a Management Buy-In (MBI). Having developed and grown the business since the MBI, Crosshall subsequently acquired Wainwright and Gibson in 2012, a well known Wirral based electrical and mechanical engineering services business, primarily engaged in the supply and repair of electrical motors and pumps.

In 2015, the Crosshall group including Wainwright & Gibson was acquired by HG Rewinds.

How Langtons Helped

Langtons acted as lead advisors for the shareholders of Crosshall during the MBI, the acquisition of Wainwright & Gibson and the subsequent disposal to HG Rewinds.

Langtons assisted during the MBI with deal structuring and financing, whilst also providing support during the process.

During the acquisition of Wainwright & Gibson, Langtons assisted by undertaking financial due diligence, helping to negotiate the transaction, and providing support during the legal process.

During the disposal to HG Rewinds, Langtons assisted in the negotiation and structuring of the transaction, as well as providing support to the shareholders during the financial and legal due diligence process.


Langtons have assisted the shareholders of Crosshall throughout the whole of the business lifecycle from initial purchase, growth through acquisition and sale. This resulted in a realisation of significant shareholder value following the disposal of the business to HG Rewinds.