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Client: Belvedere Energy Investments


Deal Background

Belvedere Energy Investments Limited (Belvedere) is a UK Investment Fund dedicated to providing solar energy systems to commercial property, thereby enabling retailers and owners of commercial property portfolios to gain the benefits of renewable energy without the cost.

Blue Energy is one of the UK’s leading investors and developers of renewable energy infrastructure, with a commitment to long-term investment in the sector.

How Langtons Helped

Langtons assisted Belvedere by undertaking a brief financial review of the target, helping to structure the transaction and managing the funding partners.

We also helped Belvedere throughout the entire acquisition process, supporting them with the legal aspects.


Belvedere successfully acquired 87 solar sites from Blue Energy PV Number 1. 85 of these were located at residential properties, with 2 being at commercial premises including Heathrow Airport.

The sale represented an exit from the UK solar market for Blue Energy, enabling them to focus on their strategy of developing wind farms in the UK.

The acquisition was funded by Barclays Bank, with further funding of £1.9m agreed for future acquisitions.