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Client: Tourism Media Limited


Deal Background

Tourism Media Group was formed out of a merger between New Mind e-Tourism Solutions Limited and New Vision Group Limited in December 2015, with the two brands continuing trade following the merger. Tourism Media deliver digital solutions for destination marketing organisations (DMOs) across the UK and Europe.
Simpleview, based in the US, is the travel and tourism industry's leading provider of digital services including CRM, CMS, web design and mobile technologies for DMOs.

How Langtons Helped

Langtons provided assistance to the shareholders of Tourism Media during Financial Due Diligence and advised them during the negotiations with Simpleview.
We also had commercial input during the legal process and provided expert tax advice to both the Company and its shareholders.


“We've seen in tourism organisations on both sides of the Atlantic a real desire to learn from each other. In building more effective collaborations between tourism and convention marketing organisations, the combined companies are now better positioned to advance additional goals for the European market."
Ryan George, CEO of Simpleview

"Joining with Simpleview positions us to provide a broader portfolio of digital solutions for our clients across the U.K. and Europe. It means that we are now part of a truly global organisation and gives our clients access to a wider range of experience and best practice within the tourism industry.”
Richard Veal, Managing Director of New Mind